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Wallet-snatchers wanted in string of Brooklyn robberies
BROOKLYN — Authorities are searching for suspected wallet-snatchers wanted in connection with a string of robberies in Brooklyn over the past two months in which more than $800 was stolen right out of victims' hands. Police said the first known robbery ...

Video catches teens snatching wallet in string of thefts in Brooklyn
New video shows one of several suspects snatch a wallet right from a victim's hand in Brooklyn. Police say the same group of teens have stolen wallets from at least five people along Brighton Beach Avenue, just in the past two months. Investigators say the ...

This Rare Lamborghini Urraco Tipo 111 for Sale will Melt Your Heart and Probably Your Wallet
Lamborghini's list of weird and obscure one-off cars is pages long, but the folks at Sant'Agata Bolognese also have a few production cars only huge Raging Bull nerds will remember. Our vote for Best Production Lambo You've Probably Never Heard of goes to ...

Police Seek California Pizza Kitchen Wallet Thief
Police are looking to identify the woman who stole a wallet while at a Huntington Station restaurant earlier this month. According to authorities, the woman stole a wallet containing cash and credit cards from an employee at California Pizza Kitchen ...

LOWER MAKEFIELD POLICE REPORT: Burglar swipes wallet from purse, motorists from Langhorne and Newtown face DUI charges,
The following information is provided by the Lower Makefield Township Police Department: BURGLARY >> Highland Drive reported at 6:26 a.m. on June 14. Complainant reported sometime overnight, unknown person(s) entered the home via an unlocked rear door and ...

Digital wallet means buying a car is only a few taps away
(June 18): Cash has become an endangered species in China, where everything from a luxury purchase to a kindly donation may be transacted via mobile payment. But in Hong Kong, where consumers have enjoyed cashless payment since the early 1990s – courtesy ...

Review: jimmyCASE offers the most flexible wallet case for iPhone X
jimmyCASE launched a model for iPhone X back closer to the smartphone’s launch last year, but the company has redesigned and improved its offering for Apple’s flagship iPhone with the Slim Classic Wallet Case. jimmyCASE Slim Classic uses mahogany ...

Honor 10 Review: The More Wallet-Friendly Huawei P20
Ben Sin, Contributor I cover consumer tech in Asia Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. We are at just about the halfway mark of 2018, and my favorite smartphone of the first half of the year is the triple-camera Huawei P20 Pro.

Car Window Smashed, Wallet Stolen In Solon
SOLON, OH — Someone smashed a window on a woman's car and stole her wallet while her car was parked in Solon. The woman's checkbook, license, cash and a Pennsylvania CDL document were all stolen. Police said the car belonged to a 62-year-old woman.