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News for Water

The Physics of Why Hot Water Sometimes Freezes Faster Than Cold Water
To his surprise, the confection cooled faster than his classmates’ had. With the help of a physics professor, Mpemba performed additional experiments by putting two glasses of water, one just-boiled ...

Claims of ‘Ocean’ inside Ceres May Not Hold Water
Final results from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft suggest a brine reservoir exists within the dwarf planet, but some experts remain unconvinced ...

International water polo coach takes South Florida students under his wing
Within the local coaching ranks in the sport of water polo lies a hidden jewel in the form of Daniel “Dani” Cercols, the South Florida Water Polo Club and Westminster Academy coach in Fort Lauderdale.

Blue Water Seafood & Crab reopening in a new San Jose location
To North San Jose, that is. After seven years in Willow Glen, owners Craig Guynes and Irene Shen have moved their Bluewater Seafood & Crab to new, much larger digs in the tech corridor’s @First center ...

Boil water advisory issued in Comstock Township
A temporary loss of pressure in the Castle Creek Circle area has triggered a precautionary boil water advisory.

Santa Clara Valley Water District asks voters for $682 million parcel tax for floods, dams, environmental projects
The measure would provide at least $682 million for flood control, Anderson Dam, creek restoration and other projects, although critics say it should have a 15-year-sunset date like previous water ...

No hot water, air conditioning for dozens of seniors since storm
Some of the dozens of residents of a senior housing complex in Smithtown said they hope relief is on the way soon after losing without power when Tropical Storm Isaias hit Long Island last Tuesday. A ...

Waukesha locks in EPA loan for $286M water system, construction starts in September
Waukesha water ratepayers will save about $38 million in payments toward the city’s new Lake Michigan drinking water supply thanks to a low-interest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency loan announced ...

Hertfordshire streets overrun with water as UK blasted by storms
This is the flooded scene near London in Hertfordshire, UK on August 12 as roads are flooded and cars get into accidents.

Columbus cancels boil water advisory for parts of the city
The city of Columbus has canceled the boil water advisory in effect since Tuesday afternoon for Downtown and parts of the Short North, Grandview area and South Side. The city Department of Public ...

Section of Old Mission Peninsula road eroded by high water may not be replaced
A section of Bluff Road, on the Old Mission peninsula, has been closed since November, and could be permanently closed because of erosion. The road is about 20 feet above the water, but the ground ...

'Blood in the water': Squeezed by shutdowns, Houston’s bar owners are on the rocks
Bar owners, feeling they have been targeted, have decried what they describe as a lack of support from leaders as they square off with the coronavirus.