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News for Wedding Dresses

Serena Williams' Dreamy Wedding Dress Came With a Cape Fit For a Disney Princess
Serena Wiliams married Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian in a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. The star-studded ceremony included Kim Kardashian, who wore a sleek black Yeezy dress, and Eva Longoria, who ...

Photos Of Serena Williams' Wedding Dress Are Here & They'll Take Your Breath Away
If you haven't yet heard, Serena Williams is now a married woman. The new mom wed her now-husband Alexis Ohanian this week in New Orleans. The ceremony was beautiful and star-studded, and at the center of it all was Williams, looking gorgeous in her custom ...

Sophisticated Tadashi Shoji Wedding Dresses for the Elegant Bride
Tadashi Shoji’s bridal collection is seriously something to celebrate! Inspired by Hollywood icons, this collection features timeless looks that will forever be elegant. Classic V-necklines, chic silhouettes and floral appliques dare to add sophisticated ...

Cross-border wedding held as California 'Door of Hope' opens
Evelia Reyes, wearing a white wedding dress with train and veil, embraced Brian Houston of San Diego after signing documents that made them husband and wife. "It's a statement that love has no borders," Houston told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

15 Long Sleeved Gowns That Are Perfect For Your Winter or Fall Wedding
The colder weather has us cozying up on the daily, and that means in the wedding dress department, as well. Because nothing says elegant winter or fall wedding quite like a Kate Middleton approved gown, and today we're sharing some of our fave sleeved ...

Serena Williams' Celebrity Wedding Guests Were Dressed To Kill
Williams herself said her vows in a strapless princess gown with a matching cape by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, then changed into a feathered cocktail dress from Versace for her wedding reception. Her bridesmaids, including her big sister and ...

The True Story of Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Dress
When Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip married in November of 1947, the wedding served as an escape from post-WWII austerity in the UK. Two years after the war was over, the British government was still recovering from the Blitz and rationing was in ...

Royal dressmaker: Great-grandmother worked in secret at the Queen's wedding dress' fabric
Barbara Unwin was just 19 when she and co-worker Isa Erskine were asked to work in secret during the weekends at the Winterthur Silks factory in Dunfermline, Fife. The pair were chosen for the delicate task after Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip ...