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Fail of the Week: How Not to Repair a MagSafe Charging Cable
My daughter was using the WLC100’s default tip. I should have grabbed my own iron, a WES51, or at least swapped in its ninja-sharp tip. The WLC100’s default tip is a big fat wedge and it was too big t...

element14 launches ‘Upcycle it’ Design Challenge with Intel® Edison
Dremel 4000 MultiTool Kit and Weller WES51 Analog 50W Soldering Station. All Challengers who submit a completed project will receive a finisher’s bundle worth over $100 comprising a Duratool Hot Air G...

How-To: The Hacker’s Soldering Station
Placing all of these components together inside the fume hood, the Hacker’s Soldering Station is complete. With this project we set out to make a simple, cheap solder fume hood complete with a time an...