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News for White Lightning

When Michael Atherton stood up to White Lightning
On this day in 1998 at Trent Bridge, Test cricket witnessed one of the best on-field battles between a batsman and a bowler as Allan Donald and Michael Atherton faced off.

BUELL X1 LIGHTNING (1998 - 2002) Review
then WP kit on the later X1 Lightning, and souped up White Lightning variant. With more grunt than the M2 the X1 feels like more fun and the build quality improved somewhat as time went by ...

The Best Gig I Ever Saw: Chief White Lightning
At that point we all knew The Original Victim Of Love. The new video for Chief White Lightning’s “Oh Anne” is out now.

Kiwis struck by 'White Lightning' Donald impact
Donald, known as "White Lightning" during his career, was hired as bowling coach in January by a New Zealand team which arrived at the World Cup having lost 14 of their previous 16 one-day ...

Flashback: See George Jones Perform First Chart-Topper 'White Lightning'
Fifty-six years ago today, George Jones landed his first Number One hit with "White Lightning," a revved-up tribute to a vice that would follow him for most of his life: alcohol.Appropriately ...

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Photo of alleged white and black USB-C to Lightning cable for 'iPhone 12' surfaces [u]
A prolific leaker has shared photos of what they believe to be the USB-C to Lightning cable that will ship with at least some models of the "iPhone 12" in both black and white versions.