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Nintendo’s Switch Can Replicate Wii’s Success
Morningstar has hiked its target priced on Nintendo (7974.JP) as it expects the Japanese videiogames maker's Switch console to replicate the success of its motion-controlled Wii. The research provider now expects Nintendo to ship 110 million Switch ...

Nintendo exec: Failed Wii U is responsible for Switch's success
Nintendo is learning from its flops. The success of the company's latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, is the result of lessons taken from the failed Wii U, according to Reggie Fils-Aimé, the president of Nintendo America. "We worked hard for the ...

Lords of Thunder hitting the North American Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow
Konami has another Virtual Console game ready for Wii U. Tomorrow, Lords of Thunder will be added to the eShop. Nintendo’s website has the following overview: “Lords of Thunder is a side-scrolling shooter that has you take on the role of a legendary ...

The Wii U Probably is the Modern-Day Dreamcast
The Wii U is now officially five years old, but unlike most systems that turn five, the Wii U is not still on store shelves to enjoy its fifth anniversary. The console was discontinued in January 2017, barely four years after its initial launch on November ...

GAME: In UK and Spain, Switch attach rates are matching the Wii's
UK retailer GAME made its full-year earnings report to investors today, and while revenues and profits were down year-over-year, the company forecast a holiday sales surge driven by Nintendo's popular Switch console. Notably, the company claims that-- at ...

Potentially Leaked N64 Classic Game List Is Actually Old Wii U Virtual Console Catalog
We’re barely out of the woods yet with the SNES mini and there recently appeared to be some kind of indirect confirmation of a N64 Classic Edition—alongside a seemingly legitimate list of potential games. But as it turns out, that’s not the case at all.

GTA 5 Ships 85 Million Copies, Surpassing Wii Sports
Take-Two today reported earnings for the quarter ended September 30, and among the notable takeaways is that Grand Theft Auto V continues to soar. The open-world action game has now shipped an astonishing 85 million copies since its launch in September 2013.

Wii U’s Failed Marketing Is Partly The Reason For Nintendo Switch Success
Nintendo Switch has been very successful and part of the reason for its success was its crystal clear marketing which Nintendo learned the hard way with Wii U whose marketing wasn’t clear enough and many gamers were left confused. According to Nintendo ...

Ubisoft kills off online support for another round of Wii U/Wii games
Starting November 11th , we will discontinue the online services for a select few older Ubisoft titles. We are constantly assessing what’s needed to deliver the best possible online services for Ubisoft’s customers. Shuttering the services for some ...