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News for Willie Nelson

Willie K Dies: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Willie K aka William Awihilima Kahaiali'i, the Hawaiian Grammy Award-nominated singer, has died following a two year battle with cancer.

Coronavirus isolated them in their rooms. Now, old-age home residents reconnect by spinning Elvis on the radio.
But Elvis is there with them. And Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, Glenn Miller and Glen Campbell (and Kelly Clarkson, too). The Eagles keep them company, and the Stones, even Pink Floyd. On Radio ...

Willie Nelson To Host On SiriusXM's 'Willie's Roadhouse' Channel
WILLIE NELSON will celebrate Memorial Day weekend by hosting "WILLIE NELSON From His Roadhouse to Yours" on his exclusive SIRIUSXM channel, WILLIE'S ROADHOUSE (ch. 59). During the show, NELSON will ...

Free Will Astrology (May 28)
I've got a message for you, courtesy of poet Lisel Mueller. I think her wisdom can help you thrive in the coming weeks. She writes, "The past pushed away, the future left unimagined, for the sake of ...

Texas State University's The Wittliff Collections Announces New Date For Inaugural Festival
The Wittliff Collections, the internationally acclaimed collection of Southwest writing, photography, film and music at Texas State University, announces the new date for The Wittliff Collections ...

Texas Rangers games are still on hold, but Globe Life Field’s First Look Tours start June 1
In March, the coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of the Chris Stapleton and Willie Nelson concert that was to have been the first official ...

The truth about Willie Nelson's sons
We all know Willie Nelson as one of the most recognized musicians in country and folk music, but his three sons have also carried on the sterling musical tradition their father began.

Watch: Willie Jones debuts Back Porch music video
Back Porch was co-written by Willie Jones with Nick Autry (Keith Urban, Carrie Underworld, Garth Brooks) and producer Michael Lotten (Mitchell Tenpenny, Dustin Lynch). The song ca ...

Willie Nelson, Randy Rogers Set for Ray Benson’s Birthday Bash
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, Ray Benson’s long-running Birthday Bash in Austin has been turned into a virtual concert for its 2020 edition. Set for Saturday, May ...

WATCH: Willie Nelson And His Sons Perform Beautiful Version Of “Set Me Down On A Cloud”
Willie Nelson and his two sons performed a beautiful version of the song 'Set Me Down On A Cloud' from Lukas' 2017 album.

Willie K, legendary music star, has passed away
The legendary voice of Willie K has gone silent. His family posted on his Instagram page that the music legend passed away Monday night, May 18 “surrounded by his ohana.” He was 59 ...

The night Bob Dylan was wandering around Long Branch, Big Joe knows first hand what he was looking for
It was a stormy, dark, late afternoon July 23rd, 2009 and Bob Dylan was in New Jersey scheduled to perform later that night at The Lakewood Blue Claws stadium with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp.