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News for Windows

Android-plus-Windows could be just what dual-screen devices need
Dual-screen devices have always been held back by their software. From the Kyocera Echo and the Samsung Henessy, to the ZTE Axon M and Lenovo’s Yoga Book, companies have come close to delivering a ...

Italy's "wine windows" are reopening amid the pandemic
In Florence, Italy, small, quaint windows offer a glimpse of old world architecture – and some also serve, once again, as a place to get wine. These little windows date back centuries, and were once ...

Microsoft fixes Windows and Internet Explorer zero-day flaws in latest Patch Tuesday
The latest series of Patch Tuesday security updates for Windows 10 includes patches for 17 bugs marked 'Critical' and 97 listed as 'Important'.

Google to Microsoft: Nice Windows 10 patch – but it's incomplete
No more extensions to our 90-day disclosure deadline, Google tells Microsoft over escalation-of-privilege bug.

Windows 10 Tips apps will soon show new features in an update
Microsoft is adding a new post-update experience to Windows 10 that displays the prominent changes in a just installed update.

A disturbing reason so few buildings have windows that open
Building regulations are written largely by HVAC engineers, who get paid according to how much HVAC equipment a building has. Is it surprising there’s such a dearth of natural ventilation?

How to download a Windows 10 ISO file legally and install Windows 10 from it
Whether you currently use Windows 10 and want the latest version or you want to switch from another operating system, it’s possible, but there may be some confusing steps. Downloading and installing a ...

Microsoft removes driver updates via Windows 10 Device Manager
Users running the latest version of Windows 10 May Update will no longer be able to use the Device Manager to check online for driver updates. The change, spotted by WindowsLatest, seemingly went live ...

How to get legacy Edge back on Windows 10
If your PC got upgraded to the Chromium-based Edge browser but you still need (or just want) to use legacy Edge, here's one way to do it.

Is Microsoft finally getting its Windows update act together?
Microsoft is reconsolidating its Windows team and maybe, just maybe, we'll finally see Windows patches we can install without praying first.

The 'Apple Car' may be able to detect, warn drivers of cracked windows
The Apple Car may alert drivers to chips and cracks in the windshield and other windows, with a system that uses infrared light to determine if there are any issues with the glass, as well as giving ...