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More GOP women seeking office, but winning still in question
More Republican women than ever are seeking House seats this year thanks to a reenergized recruitment effort after their limited ranks in Congress diminished even further in the 2018 election. But any ...

'Women especially are going to pay the price.' Parents going back to work face child care crisis.
The coronavirus pandemic has created a staggering child care crisis that threatens to undermine the reopening of the U.S. economy.

Ceal Barry’s legacy empowering women’s sports to continue after CU retirement: “I don’t feel finished”
May morning when the most accomplished college basketball coach in state history seeks a moment to reflect. A photographer takes pictures from the ...

Will The New Russell Simmons Documentary Give Black Women #Me Too Justice?
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Women's Basketball Lands Another 5-Star Recruit
Aziaha James of Virginia Beach has become the second five-star women's basketball recruit in the Class of 2021 to commit to NC State in the past two weeks. Read more ...

UFC on ESPN 9 results: Mackenzie Dern taps gritty Hannah Cifers for first leg submission in women's UFC history
Mackenzie Dern had to work through a relentless Hannah Cifers in the early going, but ultimately did what she does best.

There’s a price to pay for being afraid of women’s leadership, especially in a pandemic
Add to these facts the reality that violence against women has increased dramatically worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic – representing a pandemic within a pandemic — and a devastating picture of ...

When two Rocky Hill women were overwhelmed with requests for face masks, they decided to hang them up on a tree for people to pick up for free
Shilpa Gohil and her friend Sandhya Raj thought they would make face masks for health care workers and first responders. But overwhelmed by demand, they began to hang masks on a tree and people could ...

Women are more worried than men about coronavirus, new data shows
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has posted new figures showing eight in ten women (79%) are worried about how the outbreak has impacted them.

Women Business Owners Are Suffering More Than Men During The COVID-19 Recession; Trusting Women Is The Only Way To Change That
Women worked hard to gain financial security; we do not want to replace it with financial dependence on the government.

How Women Can Invest Successfully in Commercial Real Estate
Women can rise above gender stereotypes and pursue promising opportunities in commercial real estate investing that can be profitable and rewarding.

Women In Travel: How This CEO Broke Into The Luxury Tourism Industry
The founder & CEO of Diamond PR shares career advice for breaking into the business world of travel, as well as tips for how best to support the tourism industry during these difficult times.