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News for Wrench

Man attempts to hit someone with wrench after drive-thru road rage incident: Arlington Heights police
The following items were taken from Arlington Heights Police Department reports and releases. An arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. A complainant in the 1300 block of North Yale Avenue ...

12. A Wrench in Tesla
While Tesla's image was taking a hit, a guy near Boston was fixing up damaged cars—and revealing their flaws. Will Tesla support him or stop him?

Kandi America Partners with Wrench to Offer Luxury Mobile Repair Service for Electric Vehicles
Kandi America announces a partnership with Wrench, a mobile vehicle maintenance and repair solution that brings dealer-quality service to consumers.

COVID-19 thrown a wrench into retirement planning? Don't panic.
COVID-19 may have messed up your retirement planning, but there are things you can do to catch up to your goals.

Leadership Changes Position Wrench Group, a National Home Services Company, for Growth in the Southwestern U.S.
Wrench Group, LLC, a national home services company, announced leadership changes in its Southwest U.S. region.

Portrait of a Nation: The young Emirati who gave up the wrench for a whisk
Armed with a bowl, a spoon and a whisk, a young Emirati decided to carve a career for herself by choosing her hobby over her vocation. Shamma Al Ali, 25, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Ras Al ...

Despite an unexpected monkey wrench, now is the time to install the July Windows and Office patches
If it weren’t for the schizophrenic behavior of Microsoft’s preview patches, July updating would be a slam dunk. As things stand, you’d be well advised to go ahead and patch – but be aware of the odd ...

Gov. Wolf throws a wrench into Colonial League’s plan to proceed with a fall sports schedule
The Colonial League voted to move forward with the fall sports season on time, but that was before Gov. Tom Wolf put on the brakes ...

Rogers: Cards' positive test is 'putting a wrench' in MLB's plans
Jesse Rogers explains what is next for MLB after another Cardinals player tested positive for COVID-19 and says St. Louis' series against the Cubs this weekend is in serious jeopardy.

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the 'normal' college application process
Parents and students are wondering what to expect from the college application process during the coronavirus pandemic.

Two arrested after threatening renter with wrench, gun
Three children related to the suspects were also taken into protective custody after a search warrant was conducted.

Trump's Payroll Tax Order Throws Wrench Into Virus Talks
Democrats are plotting ways to counter President Donald Trump's Saturday executive order deferring payroll taxes for workers earning less than $104,000, a move that upends ongoing talks to advance ...