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News for Xbox 360 Console

A classic game franchise is getting a major reboot on Xbox, report says
"Fable" has otherwise been on hiatus since 2010, when "Fable 3" launched to middling reviews and sales on the Xbox 360. A subsequent entry in the ... persisted throughout several iterations of Xbox console, alongside "Halo" and "Forza Motorsport."

Three New Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games Are Out Now
Now, the first new releases of the year have arrived, with several more Xbox 360 games now being playable on Xbox One ... Ready to Download area of the My Games and Apps section on the console, or you can buy the games directly through the Xbox Store.

Xbox Game Pass Adding More Favourites This February: Fable, Darksiders II, and More
Download games directly to your console and play online or offline in full-fidelity ... but only while the base game is currently in the catalog. Xbox 360 games do not qualify for discounts.

Nintendo Switch and Xbox One won in December
While PlayStation and Xbox consoles flew off the shelves, the Wii U seemed mostly to be there to hold dust. A few years before that, the PlayStation 3 was an also-ran to the Xbox 360. Now not only is the Nintendo Switch a contender, it’s taking home the ...

The Switch’s Success Won’t Undermine the Xbox One X
A new approach to indie developers who may be keen to get the most out of the upgraded abilities of the One X would do wonders for the system, though it’s a tall ask given the smaller market share the console finds itself within compared to the Xbox 360 ...

Xbox One original Duke controller priced for release in March
Along with being compatible with the Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360, the controller adds two additional shoulder ... while the new version uses a screen to display a small video of the Xbox console’s startup animation.

Microsoft Brings Back the Xbox's 'Duke' Controller in March
original controller for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console. The Xbox isn't coming with it; Microsoft is just rereleasing a version of the Duke for use with the Xbox 360, all versions of the Xbox One, and Windows 10 devices. According to a report from CNET ...

Assassin’s Creed Rogue is Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in March
Until now, it has been stuck on the Xbox 360 and PS3 console-wise. This is great news, as Rogue is generally well-received despite its originally odd release exclusively on old consoles. The announcement was made on the official Ubisoft YouTube with a ...

Here’s everything you need to know about Xbox achievements
Introduced on the Xbox 360, Gamerscore, and the “Achievements” from which ... result in the corresponding achievements unlocking once you’ve connected your console to Xbox Live again, but we have encountered issues with this working properly in ...

Super Meat Boy First Day Sales on Switch “Shockingly Close” to Xbox 360 Sales
Team Meat revealed on Twitter that first day sales for the Switch version are “shockingly close” to initial Xbox 360 sales. The developer expressed further shock in a follow-up tweet. With Super Meat Boy Forever also heading to the hybrid console ...