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Event>>yokomo Drift Meeting At Yatabe Arena
I guess I live in a pretty good part of Japan. Rent is cheap, Tokyo is less than an hour away, and there are plenty of car-related things to see and do. Besides the nearby Tsukuba Circuit and Mt. ...

Cockroaches and no hot water: Restaurant closures in San Bernardino County, Dec. 26-Jan. 3
La Isla Yokomo Sushi & Seafood, at 2435 S. Grove Ave. in Ontario, which was closed Dec. 26 because there was no hot water due to a leaking water heater, was permitted to reopen Jan. 2. The county ...

Three dead in two fires
Pukimin Yokomo, 97, was found dead by the Fire and Rescue Services personnel an hour after the fire destroyed the victim’s house at 9am. Fire and Rescue Services Department public relation officer ...

Larry Sieberth: Man of Many Projects
“It’s even a challenge for me to play.” Fortunately, his tunes on Silhouettes are listener-friendly, as is evident on the first, lively cut, “Yokomo.” It initially gets its drive from drummer Doug ...

Anastasi makes it three from three
Bruce Debattista, Thomas Cremona and Stanley Cassar, all driving Yokomo cars, claimed the next three places respectively. Adrian Farrugia won the award for best-placed competitor and the Concours ...

Event>>yokomo Drift Meeting Rd.20
While family duties unfortunately kept me from joining Rod and Antonio at Ebisu Circuit for the Summer Drift Festival this weekend, I did find a little bit of time to slip away and check out the ...

Robopon 2: Cross Version Battery Combo Guide
TokBot = Star + Star + Star + Star 24. Vic = Gold + Gold + Gold + Noble 25. WaxHawk = Air + Air + Air + Tough 26. Yokomo = Air + Air + Air + Silver 27. Yuki = Hyper + Hyper + Hyper + Hyper 28. Zap = ...