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News for Yokomo

United Sisters claim victory in new outfit
Other A grade results sees Gazelle 3 d Stingerz 2, Saints 5 d Yokomo 4, Bears 7 d Mariners 6. B grade results Yokomo 12 d Aviat Jets 11, Gazelle 19 d Stingerz 1, Bears 15 d Mariners 1, Chebu 16 d Unit...

Bears, Power in clash of the second round
The Yokomo-Gazelle clash is the other notable A grade fixture. Yokomo looked poised and clinical last week particularly with the bat when they dismantled United Brothers. Yokomo’s Micha Zale, Taki Zal...

Saints win, Bears stage comeback
In the round’s other notable result, Yokomo avenged their pre-season loss to United Brothers with an 11-0 thrashing which was highlighted by a strong defensive effort in the in-field and at the pitchi...

Eagles soar high over PNG Power
Kenny Barnes, Mathias Levi, Bernard ToAlbert) d PNG Power 4 (Eddie Simba, Eugene Tovue, Steven Polum, Daniel Tovia). Other A grade results Saints 10 d Gazelle 8, Kikila Cats 7 forfeit Stingerz 0, Yoko...