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News for Zombie

'Zombie Florence' lurching off Bermuda watched by forecasters
Remnants of Hurricane Florence may be helping a “zombie” storm develop in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda. A patch of thunderstorms and wind fed, in part, by a piece of what was once Florence is devel...

This Half-Face Zombie Makeup Look Is the Trippiest Halloween Costume
If committing to a full face of costume makeup is too much for you to handle, try a half-face look instead. This one, created by makeup artist Vanessa Mendez, pairs together a classic glam look and a ...

Removing 'zombie' cells deters Alzheimer's in mice
Paris (AFP) - Eliminating dead-but-toxic cells occurring naturally in the brains of mice designed to mimic Alzheimer's slowed neuron damage and memory loss associated with the disease, according to a ...

Zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse gets a new poster
With its November release fast approaching, new U.S. poster has arrived online for John McPhail’s Christmas zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse featuring Ella Hunt; take a look here… SEE ALSO: Watc...

'A44': CNY zombie movie aims to be first mainstream, 100 percent vegan production
Syracuse-based filmmaker Chris Cooney loves horror movies, yet abhors one thing about them: They often use animal products to create gory scenes. Oscar-winning special effects artist Greg Nicotero, fo...

Killing ‘zombie’ brain cells can prevent memory loss in mice
Wiping out zombie-like brain cells that are worn out but won’t kill themselves could provide a new way to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. That’s the conclusion of exp...

3 Hudson Valley Cities Clearing Out Zombie Homes With State Grant
HUDSON VALLEY, NY — Mount Vernon, Newburgh and White Plains are among 10 cities in New York state getting new grants to help them clear out zombie properties. This second round of funding was ...

NYC, Targeting Vacant 'Zombie' Properties, Files Suit Against Lenders Including Wells Fargo, Citi
Empowered by a recently enacted state law, the New York City government is stepping up enforcement on so-called “zombie properties,” vacant homes that are underwater on their mortgages, and has filed ...

Removing ‘zombie cells’ in the brain could help battle the effects of dementia
No, this isn’t a plot twist straight out of The Walking Dead: “Zombie cells” are a real thing, referring to cells which go into a type of suspended animation as your body gets older.

Zombie cells found in brains of mice prior to cognitive loss
Zombie cells are the ones that can't die but are equally unable to perform the functions of a normal cell. These zombie, or senescent, cells are implicated in a number of age-related diseases.

City sues five lenders over zombie properties
The city accused five lenders and mortgage servicers in Brooklyn Supreme Court Wednesday of foreclosing on homes and then leaving them to deteriorate into so-called zombie properties. A 2016 law, the ...